James Peth, MS, MPH


I’m a PhD student in Food Science and Human Nutrition at Colorado State University with a background in physiology, nutrition, and public health, and 21 years experience teaching and tutoring science at several universities. I’m also an experienced creative director and team manager. Since 2003, I’ve led over 200 web, graphic design, branding, and marketing projects for One James Creative, an award-winning design studio with a diverse set of clients and collaborators.

In 2008, I also co-founded and have since managed business operations and marketing for Perk Pilates Fitness, and since 2012, I have co-managed and led production on over 40 design, education/outreach, and social media projects for CSU Extension.

Teaching Experience

In early 1994, I was certified in adult tutoring through the College Reading and Learning Association, and I tutored science for Miami University’s Office of Learning Assistance for the next two years. After finishing my B.S. in exercise science in December 1995, I taught the lab for Biodynamics of Human Performance for a semester and then moved to Tucson, Arizona, where I completed an M.S. in physiology at the University of Arizona and worked as a TA and lecturer for courses in human anatomy and physiology and exercise physiology. I also taught Human Anatomy and Physiology for two semesters at Wright State University, and since last year, I have been a teaching assistant at CSU for FSHN 350, 470, and 551.

cv-iconI’m working toward an academic career, and for my PhD, I am integrating science and education coursework and a review of pedagogical methods, innovative teaching approaches, and evaluation strategies into to a mixed-methods, action research and instructional design project (to redesign courses in Food Science and Human Nutrition).

Working with students related to their academic and personal success has been a meaningful part of my teaching and outreach. After my graduate training was interrupted by a spinal cord injury in 1999, I had to learn to manage my time and harness the power of technology, more than ever before. Through my experiences, I have become increasingly aware of what is required for academic success, particularly for individuals who struggle (e.g. with various disabilities) or require significant planning and advocacy to succeed. Additionally, I enjoy working with students on personal and professional development skills, from writing vision and mission statements to creating resumes and portfolios.

Teaching Philosophy

I am strongly committed to excellence in learning, teaching, and communicating science. In my mind, my best instructors have been storytellers. They have gone to great lengths to engage and compel students with carefully crafted, well-told, memorable narratives that integrate detailed scientific concepts with broader themes in health and medicine. They cultivate learning experiences that inspire their students to think more critically and creatively and persuade them to act…to help people to modify the behaviors that lead them to chronic diseases, to develop the technologies and treatments of the future, and ultimately, to improve individual and public health and welfare at local, national, and international levels. I hope to teach like this and to incorporate computer, internet, and mobile technologies, and social media that promote collegiality, collaboration, opportunity, and community across geographic and discipline-related barriers.

Also, my research philosophy is to systematically inquire, identify, and develop theory-based links between teaching methodologies and student learning and development outcomes. Through stepwise implementation of innovations and measurement of outcomes, I hope to evaluate my teaching methods and those of others, including my professors/mentors and colleagues at CSU.

Finally, I hope to translate and disseminate the knowledge I obtain via student and professional lectures, presentations, and publications, and eventually to promote best practices within the field of health sciences and share my passion for teaching and communicating science with students and colleagues.