This semester I took a course in Instructional Design as an elective for my work teaching nutrition. For the course, each student was required to complete the eight assignments in the menu on the right. The goal was to practice different components of the Dick & Carey model of instructional design (1) while designing a course of our own.

This website is my final project (#8). Click each link in the menu on the right to view what I submitted for my assignments #1-7. My Visual of an Instructional Design (ID) model (for assignment #7) is also shown above, and components of it are shown throughout the website.

FSHN 350 Course Redesign:

apple-deskThe focus of each of my assignments for EDAE 639 was redesigning Food Science and Human Nutrition (FSHN) 350, a three-credit undergraduate course at Colorado State University (CSU) with the following description:
Human Nutrition: Metabolism of macro- and micronutrients; physiological basis underlying dietary recommendations for human health; nutrients, dietary requirements for physical well-being; evaluation of various diets.

FSHN 350 is a pivotal course in CSU’s undergraduate Nutrition major. The annual enrollment is approximately 300 students per year (mostly juniors and seniors) and the enrollments continue to grow. Students must grasp the concepts of macronutrient and micronutrient metabolism in order to be successful in virtually all of the upper division nutrition courses in the department.


Dick, Carey, Carey. The Systematic Design of Instruction. 7th ed. Pearson. 2009.