The purpose of this assignment was for EDAE 639 students to reflect on their experiences in the course and to develop a creative visual that represents instructional design process. For my submission, I reflected on the assignments throughout the semester as well as the different models of instructional design we studied and created the image below.

In the image there are four primary components (assessment, analysis, development, and implementation). I intentionally did not number them or create clear divisions between them. Rather, I tried to create visual continuity from one to the next—as a continuous process.

Also, all four steps are founded on continuous evaluation, rather than evaluation as a separate step, as I perceive the instructional design process as systematic while simultaneously chaotic.

  • Right facing arrows indicate information flow over time, from assessment through implementation.
  • Down arrows are meant to indicate information flow from the different stages — to be evaluated.
  • Up arrows are meant to indicate information flowing back after evaluation — to be revised.

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